Welcome to the Wonderful Wildlife of Malaysia! 

Malaysia is a tropical country blessed with all sorts of flora and fauna- some gorgeous, some colourful and some totally bizarre! Many of these wildlife revolve around us in our daily lives, camouflaged and largely overlooked as we humans wander about our fast-paced and eventful lives. Not many have the luxury of slowing down and really appreciating Nature’s amazing creations, let alone understanding them. This lack of understanding has become a major setback in conservative efforts as we continue to fight a losing battle against development and poaching.

Nevertheless, at WildlifeMalaysia we believe that all hope is not lost. Here, we would like to share with you our knowledge and findings of Malaysia’s natural treasures, which will hopefully increase the public’s understanding, interests and awareness in cherishing the wildlife of our wonderful country. From the most colourful butterflies to the deadliest snakes, we hope to be able to bring them all to you here.

Other than that, we hope that this site will act as a platform for researchers or conservationists to communicate and collaborate towards the betterment of Malaysia’s wildlife. It is also hoped that the information here would be of use to teachers and students studying Malaysian wildlife.

Eager to start? Please feel free to start your tour by clicking on the categories below, and we hope that you will learn something awesome along the way!







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