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Sparassidae- Huntsmen Spiders

Huntsmen Spiders of the family Sparassidae are some of the most efficient hunters on the planet. They resemble Crab Spiders in that their legs are “arranged” in a manner that allows them to move sideways like crabs; this unique positioning also allows these spiders to hide effectively in small crevices or lie flat on tree trunks.

Huntsmen […]

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Thomisidae- Crab Spiders

Crab Spiders of the family Thomisidae are not crabs, but rather spiders; they are so-called because they move sideways like crabs. These spiders are mostly slow-moving and prefer to stay hidden and ambush preys rather than hunting them down.

A large number of Crab Spiders possess well-developed front legs i.e. the first two pairs for effective handling of prey […]

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