Gekkota- Geckos
Geckos are lizards which are usually found in warm regions, where the most common ones can often be found within houses. Geckos often occur in sizes between 1-60cm, and are mostly nocturnal. These tiny lizards have excellent eyesights which are highly adaptable to ambient light.
Most geckos do not possess eyelids and thus do not blink: they clean their […]

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Iguania- Iguanian Lizards

Iguania is a suborder of Squamata (lizards and snakes) which includes iguanas, chameleons, agamids, and New World Lizards. However, most of these reptiles except agamids do not occur naturally in Malaysia. Iguanians generally live on trees and possess primitively fleshy, non-grasping tongues, and are believed to be closely related to snakes.
Iguanian lizards in Malaysia are generally small to […]

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Lizards- An Introduction

Lizards represent a big group of reptiles, typically with legs and scales on their body which make them vastly different from snakes. Lizards can range from the tiny common House Geckos to huge Monitor Lizards. Although often portrayed or named somewhat similar to dinosaurs, lizards are not descendants of dinosaurs which became extinct 65 million […]

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