Lycosidae- Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders look nothing like wolves, but most of them sure are efficient hunters! Wolf Spiders are mostly ground-dwelling, and are largely abundant in parks to gardens to forests. These spiders have eyes that are arranged in three rows, and the females can often be seen carrying their egg sacs as well as their young […]

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Hersilidae- Two-Tailed Spiders

Hersilidae- Two-Tailed Spiders
Two-Tailed spiders, as the name suggests, have extraordinary long “tails” which are actually part of the spider’s web-spinning structure. These spiders, also known as Tree Trunk Spiders, are often found on tree trunks and walls of abandoned buildings.
Hersilia spiders are extraordinarily good at camouflaging themselves on tree trunks, where they simply press their […]

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Pholcidae- Daddy-Long-Legged Spiders

Spiders of the family Pholcidae are often called Daddy-Long-Legged Spiders because they have a tiny body but very long legs. These spiders are not to be mistaken with harvestmen which are not spiders. Most common pholcids are found in corners of houses, where they build messy, 3-dimensional cobwebs.

Learn more about Pholcids below:




** Identification of the […]

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Oxyopidae- Lynx Spiders

Spiders of the family Oxyopidae are generally hunters that rely on speed and agility to hunt for preys, commonly known as Lynx Spiders. They have unique eye arrangement of 8 that somewhat forms a circle on the “head”. However, they are usually recognized by the presence of spines spatially arranged on the legs, giving a […]

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Tetragnathidae- Big-Jawed Spiders

Spiders  of the family Tetragnathidae can be found in a wide range of places, including parks, forests, streams and swamps. Although termed Big-Jawed Spiders, these arachnids do not necessarily have big jaws, but they do come in a wide range of weird forms and bizarre colours, simply amazing!

Tetragnathid spiders are web-builders, and possess fine hairs on their 4th […]

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Pisauridae- Nursery-Web Spiders

Nursery-Web Spiders are so-called due to their habits of building 3-Dimensional Nursery Webs for their spherical egg sacs. These moderately large spiders are often found in shaded areas within parks, gardens, mangroves and mountains, and can often be seen waiting for prey on foliages and twigs. Some Pisaurids are known to hunt near ponds or streams and are […]

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Scytodidae- Spitting Spiders

Spitting Spiders are some of the most bizarre spiders of the world, having only 6 eyes instead of the usual 8, and most notably their unique way of spitting sticky, venomous fluids onto preys to trap them before going in for the kill!

These spiders are active during the night, and are often very slow-moving.

Learn more about […]

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Sparassidae- Huntsmen Spiders

Huntsmen Spiders of the family Sparassidae are some of the most efficient hunters on the planet. They resemble Crab Spiders in that their legs are “arranged” in a manner that allows them to move sideways like crabs; this unique positioning also allows these spiders to hide effectively in small crevices or lie flat on tree trunks.

Huntsmen […]

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Thomisidae- Crab Spiders

Crab Spiders of the family Thomisidae are not crabs, but rather spiders; they are so-called because they move sideways like crabs. These spiders are mostly slow-moving and prefer to stay hidden and ambush preys rather than hunting them down.

A large number of Crab Spiders possess well-developed front legs i.e. the first two pairs for effective handling of prey […]

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Theridiidae- Comb-Footed Spiders

Comb-Footed Spiders are generally small spiders that come in a wide array of bizarre shapes and colours, but almost all of them have comb-like bristles on their 4th pair of legs. Their small sizes and unique habitats means that they are often overlooked by people.

Also known as cobweb spiders, not all Comb-Footed Spiders build webs though, […]

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