Centipedes are among some of the most frightening arthropods on the planet, thanks to their numerous legs, large sizes, powerful fangs (forcipules) and undoubtedly painful bites! These Chilopods have a body generally divided into 15 or more segments where each segment bears a pair of legs. Centipedes are generally carnivores and are known to cause painful, but non-fatal bites to humans.

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Scolopendra subspinipes

#1. A “Cherry Red” giant centipede (Scolopendra subspinipes). Note the 4 pairs of eyes (ocelli) on its head. Although these form compound eyes, centipedes do not possess true vision; capable only in distinguishing between light and dark. Centipedes rely heavily on their antennae to move around, hunt and mate.


Giant centipede- Scolopendra subspinipes

#2. A giant centipede (Scolopendra subspinipes)! Probably a different subspecies or different colour morph this time (as opposed to the one above- #1). This beautiful centipede has legs that vary from green to yellow to bright red- nice, but still dangerous!




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