Geoplanidae represents a family of flatworms that dwell on land (other groups of flatworms live in seawater or freshwater ponds) which¬†are mostly predatory. Flatworms are poorly studied but are believed to be good indicators of the “healthy” of a particular ecosystem. Terrestrial flatworms can usually be found on tree trunks or logs.

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Orange Hammerhead worm- Bipalium

#1. Bipalium “Hammerhead” worms are some of the most common flatworms in Malaysia. The name was derived from the unique hammer-like shape of the worm’s head. These flatworms often come with vibrant colours and patterns and can often be found on logs in undisturbed areas of forests and parks.


Bipalium sp.

#2. Another type of Bipalium flatworm. These worm usually prey on earthworms or other tiny snails and are known to use the sticky secretions of the body to adhere to the prey before releasing enzymes to externally digest the victim.





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