Malaysia is a country bless with an enormous range of biodiversity, so diverse that you can easily come across a few undescribed species if you just look. It is therefore virtually impossible to group and categorize them all in this website, at least not in such a short time. We at Wildlife Malaysia therefore decide to compile these less known or seen organisms in this particular group under Others.  In the meantime, we will keep on documenting the organisms here and when we have enough details one day, we will formally create a specific group for them.

That said, cataloguing the wildlife of Malaysia can be a very challenging task considering the many factors that may affect the fruitfulness of the project i.e. weather, fund, luck, season etc. We therefore encourage support from our fellow readers e.g. moral support, support in imagery and information, financial support etc. in this large-scale and long-term project. We also welcome collaborative efforts so long as the aim is to appreciate, preserve and conserve wild life.

Scolopendra subspinipesCentipedes

Bipalium sp.Land Planarians

Harvestman-Opiliones; Tithaeus sp. (?)Harvestmen

Gold-coloured millipedeMillipedes