Spitting Spiders are some of the most bizarre spiders of the world, having only 6 eyes instead of the usual 8, and most notably their unique way of spitting sticky, venomous fluids onto preys to trap them before going in for the kill!

These spiders are active during the night, and are often very slow-moving.

Learn more about this unique hunter below:


Scytodes sp. spitting spider

#1. A female Spitting Spider (Scytodes sp.). These spiders often hunt outside of their nests. Preys are captured by spitting envenomed “glue” prior to being transported back to the nest for consumption.


Spitting Spider- "Scytodes pallida"

#2.¬†Likely a “Scytodes pallida” spitting spider. Don’t be fooled by the slow-moving and calm demeanour of this nocturnal spider; Spitting Spiders have developed efficient Spitting methods to capture prey so that they do not need to rely on speed and agility to hunt.




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