Pholcidae- Daddy-Long-Legged Spiders

Spiders of the family Pholcidae are often called Daddy-Long-Legged Spiders because they have a tiny body but very long legs. These spiders are not to be mistaken with harvestmen which are not spiders. Most common pholcids are found in corners of houses, where they build messy, 3-dimensional cobwebs.

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** Identification of the […]

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Opiliones- Harvestmen

Harvestmen areĀ arachnids that resembles spiders in many ways but are notĀ spiders. Although these creatures have eight legs, harvestmen differ from spiders in that they generally have a pair of eyes (instead of four pairs), the lack of segmentation into cephalothorax and abdomen, and the fact that they do not spin webs.

Harvestmen occur in a wide […]

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