Nephilidae- Nephilid Orb Web Spiders

Spiders within the family Nephilidae spin webs like normal Orb Web Spiders (Araneidae), but the webs are often larger, asymmetrical and specialized with extra features. Nephila spiders are undoubtedly the most popular of this group because of their┬ámenacingly large sizes! Webs of large females can be up to a few metres across, and are strong […]

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Araneidae- Orb Web Spiders

Also known as the Orb Weaver Spiders, spiders within the family Araneidae are usually the ones you most commonly find in your garden although they do occur in many other places with foliages too. These spiders in general spin spiral-wheel type webs that are used for a number of functions, most notably to catch prey.

Orb […]

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