Scytodidae- Spitting Spiders

Spitting Spiders are some of the most bizarre spiders of the world, having only 6 eyes instead of the usual 8, and most notably their unique way of spitting sticky, venomous fluids onto preys to trap them before going in for the kill!

These spiders are active during the night, and are often very slow-moving.

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Nephilidae- Nephilid Orb Web Spiders

Spiders within the family Nephilidae spin webs like normal Orb Web Spiders (Araneidae), but the webs are often larger, asymmetrical and specialized with extra features. Nephila spiders are undoubtedly the most popular of this group because of their¬†menacingly large sizes! Webs of large females can be up to a few metres across, and are strong […]

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