Crab Spiders of the family Thomisidae are not crabs, but rather spiders; they are so-called because they move sideways like crabs. These spiders are mostly slow-moving and prefer to stay hidden and ambush preys rather than hunting them down.

A large number of Crab Spiders possess well-developed front legs i.e. the first two pairs for effective handling of prey as well as threat display.

Learn more about these crab-like spiders below:


Thomisus sp.

#1. A Common White Crab Spider (Thomisus sp.) displaying an aggressive stance. Crab Spiders will often open up their first two pair of legs when provoked to make them look larger as an attempt to scare off their predators.


Crab Spider (Mastira sp.? ♀)

#2. A yellowish-green, gravid (pregnant) Crab Spider (Mastira sp.). Note the unique arrangement of the tiny eyes of this spider. This spider can usually be found on low vegetations in gardens and parks.


Common White Crab Spider- Thomisus callidus ♀

#3. A female White Crab Spider (Thomisus callidus). This common Crab Spiders love to lie in wait for preys to land nearby before pouncing on them. These spiders often hide in flowers and are known to be able to change colours just to blend in.


White Crab Spider and spiderlings- Thomisus sp. ♀

#4. A White Crab Spider and her Spiderlings (Thomisus sp.). A mother Thomisus crab spider guarding her young while they climb all over the place! The protection from the mother ensures the survival of the young, at least until they are old enough to leave and be on their own.


Pentagon-Abdomen Crab Spider- Massuria angulata ♂

#5. A male Pentagon-Abdomen Crab Spider (Massuria angulata). The males of this species is rather uncommon. Found this one having fun with a female on a tree branch. The male is only slightly smaller than the female, and a tad darker, displaying brownish-green colouration. Like the female, the 1st two pair of legs are well-developed, and long.


Pentagon-Abdomen Crab Spider- Massuria angulata ♀

#6. A female Pentagon-Abdomen Crab Spider (Massuria angulata). This one was found mating with the male (Photo #5). This spider may not be a looker, but it sure is robust and exceptionally patient, lying in wait for long periods of time for food.


An angry, gravid Flat-abdomen Crab Spider- Camaricus maugei ♀

#7. An angry, female and gravid Flat-abdomen Crab Spider (Camaricus maugei). A display of a tantrum by a large Camaricus maugei mother spider. These spiders tend to raise and shake their first pair of legs as a warning sign when disturbed.



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